‘It was getting kind of ugly’: Grieving mother remembers daughter who was killed by her husband in murder-suicide

HUNTSVILLE, Texas – A grieving mother is speaking out after her daughter was killed by her estranged husband.

Huntsville police say Tianne Jones was shot and killed by Roy Wasbotten, who took his own life after the shooting on Summer Lane, on March 8.

Tianne, a 43-year-old mother, has been memorialized on Facebook by her family and friends with photos and loving words.

“She was always there for her friends and her family. She was just the best person I ever knew,” said Tianne’s mother, Tory Jones.

Tory says Wasbotten had never been physically abusive but had shown some signs of danger.

“Not too long ago, he broke in through a window to get back into their house, which the police couldn’t do anything (about) legally because there were no divorce papers,” said Tory. “It was getting kind of ugly.”

Tory says Tianne had been trying to get out of the marriage for months before things turned deadly. She was handing over the divorce papers the evening she was killed.

“I know she didn’t tell me that she was going to go by there because she knows what I would have said. We’ve always said to meet him in a public place, and what I’ve seen from her text is that she asked him to meet at Smiley’s near where his sister’s house was and he said ‘no,’ he couldn’t get a ride,” she said.

Tory says Tianne met Wasbotten alone at a home in Huntsville.

“When the police got there, he had shot her in the back, and the car was still running,” she said.

Now, the family’s community of friends is trying to help them heal.

A GoFundMe page was created for Tianne’s 15-year-old son.

Tory is grateful for the support. She is sharing her story in hopes of helping others avoid the same painful situation.

“If things are contentious, don’t meet in private,” Tory said.

If you’re dealing with domestic violence, you can find resources to help you here.