Burglar steals tires, leaves woman’s car on blocks while she visits Galleria-area apartment complex

HOUSTON – A Spring woman said her car was burglarized and her tires were left on cinder blocks when she went to visit a friend’s Galleria-area apartment Friday night. The woman said her car was in direct view of surveillance cameras, yet she can’t get the complex or police to view it to try and find the burglar.

Alyssa Osborne re-visited the parking spot on the top floor of Providence Uptown’s parking garage Wednesday, where she parked her car 10:30 p.m. Friday night to visit a friend. The spot was in a well-lit area in eye shot of security cameras. Remnants of broken glass hint to how Osborne found her car when she returned at 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

“My friend approached my car and said, ‘Oh my God, your window is busted out in the back,’ and she then noticed that all four of my tires had been taken off,” Osborne said.

The burglar also broke Osborne’s window and took a pair of designer sunglasses.

“I believe they broke into the car to get the wheel lock that I had on my tires, so I guess it would be easy for them to take it,” she said.

Osbourne said her insurance estimates the damage at $9,000.

“I was beside myself,” she said. “I broke down crying. I had just purchased this car, maybe a week ago. I still had paper plates. Haven’t even made my first payment on the car.”

She said she first called Houston police and then her parents. Osborne said after waiting six hours without an officer showing up, she and her parents drove to a police station to file a report in person. Now she’s waiting to see if police will follow up to view the surveillance footage, which she said she was told is only saved for 14 days.

“So, if the cops don’t come between that time frame, it will basically be gone forever and whoever committed the crime gets away scot-free,” Osborne said.

Houston police confirmed to KPRC2 that a detective with their auto theft division hasn’t made it over to the complex yet to view the video. Leasing office staff said they are working with the security company and police to retrieve and possibly save it.