‘I never thought it would be me:’ Mother offering $20K reward for information about son’s murder

HOUSTON – It’s been more than three months with no answers. Now, a grieving mother whose son was gunned down in December 2022, is taking matters into her own hands in hopes of finding the killer.

At Crime-Stoppers of Houston, there’s already a $5,000 reward for information leading to the person who shot and killed Avery Boyd.

Now, his mother is digging in her own pockets, offering $20,000 more. She’s desperately hoping the money will motivate someone to help her find closure.

“I’d actually rather it be me than my son. Anyone that knows me knows I’d give my life for my son,” said Avery’s mother, Kwann Boyd.

Kwann said the pain she’s been feeling since December 1 is almost unbearable.

“I literally never thought it would be me,” she said.

Avery was 28-year-old and her only child. He was shot to death in broad daylight.

“He was actually the only person that could’ve taken our family to another generation, so whoever killed my son basically extinguished our family right there,” she said.

Just after 3:30 p.m., Kwann said Avery was driving her black Maserati to meet a friend at the Bellrock Summer Street Apartments in Sawyer Heights before heading to a car auction later that day. Investigators say a man wearing all black hopped out of the back seat of a light-colored Hyundai, believed to be a 2010-2014 Sonata, and opened fire.

“I think he (Avery) went and met someone and that person either had him followed or someone called him to come where he was and had someone waiting there for him,” Kwann said.

While trying to run away, Kwann says Avery dropped an envelope filled with money. Police said whoever pulled the trigger, picked up the money and then fled the scene.

“I can’t pin it on any one person right now, so they’re (investigators) working on it,” she said.

Anyone who knows what happened is urged to come forward. For the $5,000 reward, you can call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS and call 832-519-4462 for the $20,000 reward.

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