🔒 INSIDERS: The votes are in and The Cereal Bowl champion has been served!

Cap’n Crunch, Cheerios or Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Who was served as the breakfast of champions?

The Cereal Bowl (KPRC 2 / Click2Houston.com)

HOUSTON – You can’t forget the nostalgic Saturday morning cartoons with a big bowl of cereal. With hundreds of varieties to choose from the possibilities seemed endless.

Cereal must have superpowers because it seems to be the answer to most questions. Even TikTok influencer Elyse Meyers states that the only thing fixing her morning sickness is ”a mixing bowl of cereal and chocolate chips.”

Froot Loops (KPRC 2 / Click2Houston.com)

We asked our Insiders to vote for their favorite cereal below and watch it float its way to the top of The Cereal Bowl. After 4 rounds of voting Froot Loops has been served as the 2023 Cereal Bowl Champion! Didn’t see your favorite cereal listed? Let us know in the comments below for next year’s Cereal Bowl. 👇