Houston Newsmakers: US Rep. Wesley Hunt says no to gun control; Yes to Trump

Also: Buffalo Soldiers National Museum kicks off $13M Fundraising Campaign

U.S. Rep. Wesley Hunt (38th), is a guest on this week's Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall (KPRC)


  • Host Khambrel Marshall sits down with newly-elected US Rep. Wesley Hunt, representing the 38th Congressional District. He says he has “no apologies” for being conservative and makes his opinions clear on issues such as gun control.
  • The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum is kicking off its $13M fundraising campaign.

New Congressman says he knows the needs of his district

The 38th Congressional District seems like it was formed specifically for GOP Congressman Wesley Hunt. He says it happens to be the district where he grew up.

“All 800,000 people that live in my district in some way, are tangentially related to and touched by the oil and gas and energy sector,” he said. “It’s up to me to represent that and preserve it.”

Hunt makes no apologies for being conservative and makes that clear with his opinions on gun control, the deficit, immigration, and much more. He also is quite vocal about his support for the efforts of former President Donald Trump to get back to the White House.

I have not gotten one question on the campaign trail about it (January 6th),” he said. “Because people are trying to decide whether or not I can put gas in my car or take my kid to school. People look at their 401 K’s diminish and I’ll tell you something when you’re in that position the least of your worries is that. You just want to live in the America we had a couple of years ago without worrying about that kind of economic stress.”

Much more conversation with Congressman Wesley Hunt this week on Houston Newsmakers EXTRA

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum kicks off $13M Fundraising Campaign

Paul Matthews, Founder Buffalo Soldiers National Museum, Desmond Bertrand-Pitts, CEO Buffalo Soldiers National Museum (KPRC)

The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum started in 2000 after the wife of museum founder Paul Matthews said he’d have to find another place for items he was collecting.

Twenty-three years later the museum has evolved into a treasure trove of information about the history of Black soldiers who served for the United States.

“They basically were the peacekeepers in the American West,” Matthews said. “They built camps, forts, railroads, delivered the mail, strung telegraph wires, charted the land. The Buffalo Soldiers period started in 1866 and goes through World War II.”

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum display case. (KPRC)

Desmond Bertrand-Pitts is the CEO of the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum and says the millions they hope to raise will be put to good use.

”My goal is to continue that legacy with the passion that I have.” he said when talking about the vision of his grandfather, Paul Matthews. “The vision that he started and I’m taking on and making sure that we’re reaching new audiences so with this campaign it’s set to advance the museum and transform the way we know it today.”

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· Desmond Bertrand-Pitts, CEO, Buffalo Soldiers National Museum

· Website: https://buffalosoldiersmuseum.org/

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