Asian American community members and elected officials speak out against Senate Bill 147

HOUSTON – On Saturday, people in the Asian American community and leaders held a rally to express outrage for Senate Bill 147.

The bill would limit the purchase of property or acquisition of a title to property.

People in the community say Senate Bill 147 is racist, specifically targeting Asians who already work to drive the local economy.

Representative Gene Wu, along with elected officials and Asian American community leaders and organizations marched down Bellaire Boulevard denouncing Senate Bill 147.

“It is discrimination against China and the Asian people. It is not fair,” one person said.

The bill would prohibit citizens and business entities from China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia from purchasing land within the state of Texas.

“This type of legislation. This growing anti-Asian and anti-immigrant sentiment is a direct attack on our community and on our city, quite frankly,” Representative Gene Wu said.

Senate Bill 147 also applies to a business headquartered, owned, or controlled by someone with interests in those countries, or that is a citizen from one of them.

“Senate Bill 147 should not be addressed at the state level,” Congressman Al Green said. “This is something we can do at the federal level because we have a committee on foreign investments to do just this.”

People held signs, made noise, and voiced their concerns.

“I’m worried about society splitting up potential racism against the Asians,” one person said.

Mayor Turner says one-quarter of the city is foreign-born and comes from outside of the US. He says the bill sets the wrong tone.

“And then how do you enforce it? Do you assume? Or put the burden on every Asian American to demonstrate that they do not have any affiliation with one of those countries,” he said.

Leaders are calling on legislators to withdraw the bill. At the rally, people also had the opportunity to register to vote.

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