‘It’s just hurtful’: Katy-area mother’s home vandalized with racist symbols following house fire

KATY, Texas – A Katy-area mother and her 8-year-old daughter are dealing with a string of incidents, including a fire that destroyed their home last year.

However, despite everything, she still wants to return. They moved to Texas for a better life, although they’re wondering if they’ll have to start once more.

“It’s just hurtful,” said Elizabeth McFarlan, who says every time she looks around her home, she feels anything but.

Swastikas, the n-word, and other epithets were seen spray-painted on the walls of McFarlan’s home. Her artwork was also targeted.

“I had a picture on my wall of a black hand and white hand holding hands and they taped it to this area where they through the vase through,” she said. “It’s on the walls. It’s on the fireplace. It’s on the door.”

Outside, the tarp over the roof hints at how those who possibly did it -- got in.

Damage from a fire in December kept McFarlan and her daughter away from home, while it created an opportunity for hate.

McFarlan said she called Harris County Sheriff’s Office, where they dispatched a deputy to take a look at the damage.

“He didn’t seem too concerned,” she added. “He didn’t take any photos.”

McFarlan says she’s concerned not much investigating was done in the past, leaving her unsure if the person or persons responsible will ever be caught.

“I’m scared to come back. I’m not gonna lie. I’ll be honest, but I’m going to come back,” she said.

The investigation is still ongoing. McFarlan says she hopes her case receives attention just as loud as the message of the words spray-painted throughout her home.

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