‘Longest 90 seconds of my life’: Deer Park man captures video of tornado that tore through community, damaging several homes

DEER PARK, Texas – Many who call Deer Park home are cleaning up this morning after a tornado tore through the community.

“It lasted about 90 seconds and that was the longest 90 seconds of my life,” resident Judith Davis said. “You are fearing for your life and your kids, your animals and it sounds like your whole world is falling apart and all I could do is scream for her.”

Davis and her daughter made it out okay. This morning, she’s trying to lend and hand and help friends who are also assessing what’s left.

“Shingles missing, there’s a shed that’s completely gone… our fence is gone… our windows are shattered out,” Kristen Mearesh explained.

Mark McVey captured the tornado on his phone.

“It went from being ‘look at that strong wind’ to ‘holy cow, I hope this tree doesn’t fall on me.’ It ended up falling on my house instead,” McVey said.

Up and down the blocks people are picking up debris and tree limbs while others are standing watch.

The maintenance manager at St. Hyacinth Catholic Church says the extensive damage is a safety concern.

“Right now, I’m just keeping people off the property, making sure there’s no one poking around the debris, gets hurt, or takes things,” the manager said.

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