‘The whole parking garage was covered in glass’: More than 50 vehicles broken into, vandalized at southwest Houston apartment complex

HOUSTON – People who live in the District at Greenbriar Apartment Complex located in southwest Houston said the vehicle crimes in their five-story garage happen on a regular basis, even though they have armed security that’s supposed to patrol the premises.

“I got my shoes stolen,” said resident Honguiy Liu.

Liu said he woke up to the same frustrating predicament as dozens of his neighbors.

“Someone just took your things and you can’t do anything about it,” Liu said.

KPRC2 crews saw vehicle, after vehicle, after vehicle, after vehicle with windows smashed.

“Essentially, the whole parking garage was covered in glass,” said resident Bart Fryszczyn, adding at least one vehicle was reportedly stolen. “They broke into it, found spare keys in it and they drove away.”

Residents believe the crimes happened between 5 a.m. - 7 a.m. Monday morning.

“Fifty-something cars broken into in one night, and this is happening while there’s security on site. There’s an armed guard in this parking garage,” Fryszczyn said.

Although the break-ins happened in the morning, KPRC 2 learned that some residents still weren’t notified well into the evening hours. HPD said they were leaving incident slips on the windshields so that drivers could give them a call when they learned about what happened.

“Essentially, every month there’s a break-in into the garage, and it started with wheels going missing and cars (being put) on blocks,” Fryszczyn said.

He also added that the thieves do not target vehicles on the first and second floor of the garage where there are cameras. Fryszczyn said when he tried to get help from management, they didn’t offer much assistance.

“They don’t really have answers. They just say ‘you know It is Houston,’” he said.

When KPRC 2 went to the leasing office for answers, the door was locked. When we called, no one answered and we were told any information would have to come from corporate.

Meanwhile, Houston police are asking anyone with information to come forward.

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