Splendora High School JV softball coach under fire after forcing team to wear ‘I achieved failure’ jerseys

JV team forced to wear 'I achieved failure' jerseys at Splendora High School

SPLENDORA, Texas – The girls of the JV softball team at Splendora High School had an unfortunate rough start to their season.

Just a few days after working hard to make the team, before even playing their first game, the girls were handed these practice jerseys to wear.

The shirts have the words “I Achieved Failure,” along with the wildcat logo splashed across them in bold lettering.

“It’s devaluing to the girls. Why? It’s so hurtful,” Biddie Butler said.

Biddie has three granddaughters who all played on the softball team and she said she is appalled and disgusted by the coach’s decision to put the girls in these jerseys.

“If that was my granddaughter, they would not wear that,” Biddie said.

She is not alone in her anger over the jerseys.

“It’s terrible. It’s asinine. Especially, when it is the coaches who are supposed to be building these girls up, not tearing them down,” said former baseball coach Mike Jackson.

Late Tuesday, the KPRC 2 Investigates team received a statement from Splendora ISD and the head softball coach, Jamie Henk. The statement read, in part:

“The phrase I achieved failure means we have reached the desired level of effort that showed us our mistakes. I achieved failure means we welcome the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. We embrace adversity.”

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