‘I just want to get it done’: Man plans to run 100 miles for charity; The last quarter of it will be along the Houston Marathon

HOUSTON – From the Ironman World Championships to extreme triathlons in brutal cold, heat, and altitude, Fernando Lopez says he tackles some of the most unthinkable endurance competitions because he knows he can do it and uses these wild challenges to help others. For example, this weekend, he plans to complete a 100-mile run.

As hundreds of marathoners complete the Chevron Houston Marathon, that will be the last stop on Lopez’s 100-mile route.

“I decided that I’m going to follow the Houston Marathon route three times before the marathon starts,” Lopez said. “Honestly, I don’t mind. I don’t mind about the time or anything. I just want to get it done.”

He’s doing it to challenge himself while people across the globe are dealing with much tougher situations.

Ukrainians in a war-torn country are battling a harsh winter with few resources. Lopez hopes his journey will get the attention of those with compassion to donate to an organization helping Ukrainian refugees, HOPE.

HOPE said the fundraiser is coming at the perfect time. They are currently working to ship non-perishables to refugees in Ukraine.

“I like to make people think of others as I do as much as possible. I know it’s not enough but helping others, reach out to communities that are in need, and you know if they can help, whether it’s $1 to $5 or 10, I would love that. That will give me the energy to keep going,” Lopez said.

He is not accepting any donations directly, instead, he asks you to go to the organization’s official PayPal site to donate.

The organization request you mention his name in the notes so they can tally how much his fundraiser contributes.

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