‘It’s unsanitary’: Residents in Cypress Creek Ranch subdivision left with piles of garbage

CYPRESS, Texas – Residents of a Cypress-area subdivision have had to contract a second garbage collector after they allege their initial one failed to collect trash for over three weeks.

“This is food. This is starting to get a little bit of an odor,” said Bill Brown, a resident of the Cypress Creek Ranch subdivision.

The talk about the trash has been the chatter in the Cypress Creek Ranch subdivision, where bags of waste have lined curbs for over three weeks.

“It’s unsightly. It’s unsanitary,” Brown said, frustrated his calls to Texas Pride Disposal were not met with a response.

Christina Ward, another resident, echoed similar experiences.

“That’s just unacceptable to forget about us,” Ward said, adding attempts to report a lack of collection to Texas Pride Disposal were not easy.

“When we confront them [saying] that we haven’t been getting it picked up, if you don’t call the day after your service is missed, they won’t even refund you,” Ward continued.

Residents said the HOA had to hire a new contractor — separate from Texas Pride Disposal — to collect garbage spilling onto streets.

“They actually started picking up trash today, but maybe they didn’t anticipate what three weeks of trash would look like. The truck wasn’t able to hold it all so they promised to be back in the morning,” Brown said.

Turns out, crews from the second company hired to collect the backup returned Friday night to pick up what couldn’t fit earlier in the day.

However, there’s another twist to this trash tale involving the contract with Texas Pride Disposal. Residents said despite hiring another garbage collector to pick up what Texas Pride Disposal did not — their contract with the company remains in effect.

“We want a refund? Fine if they do refund. I just want service,” Brown said.

Multiple inquiries to Texas Pride Disposal were not returned with a response as of Friday.

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