Special Strong helps make fitness more accessible to people with physical challenges and special needs

CONROE, Texas – Planet Fitness Houston locations are now teamed up with Special Strong to pave the way for adaptive fitness.

Adaptive fitness is personal training for those with disabilities, where workouts are adapted to the needs of the individual.

It’s believed that many people living with disabilities do not know how to properly work out or have access to proper gym equipment.

Planet Fitness is now providing Special Strong’s personal trainers and their clients access to the brand’s “Judgement Free Zone” to offer a safe, encouraging and non-intimidating place to exercise.

At the location in Conroe, husband and wife Erica and Jacob Sawyer use the facility to work with Special Strong’s Ric Millington.

“I’ve been in a wheelchair since I was five years old and really need something where I can go work out safely,” she explained.

She brought her husband, Jacob, who said his life has changed for the better after a difficult time in the service.

“I finally have gotten back to health and fitness and wellness and mental health, physical health, spiritual health, and so there’s so much I forgot about and Erica had just helped me get back to my best version of me,” Jacob said.

Millington’s son has autism, which motivated him to begin helping other people with special needs and physical disabilities incorporate more fitness into their lives.

“We’ll turn equipment around or whatever we need to do for that person to get a good workout in,” Millington said.

Special Strong has rapidly grown across Texas since 2016 with adaptive fitness opportunities like this one in Conroe and others nationwide

“There’s so much for kids that are really young, but when they start to get to their teenage years there’s really nothing for them to do. So that’s one thing we wanted to fill was that gap,” Millington explained how this can help adolescents with autism as well.

“I’ve seen a lot of soldiers work hard, I’ve seen a lot of elite athletes work hard,” Jacob Sawyer said. “I see a new version of Erica. After a good session at the gym, there is such a sense of accomplishment and it’s just infectious.”

If you are interested in working out with Special Strong, Planet Fitness said all you need is a membership, which can cost as little as $10 a month.