Millions of Texans expected to travel for the holidays

WALLER COUNTY – AAA Texas says more than 8 million Texans are driving to their holiday destinations starting Friday through New Year’s Day.

KPRC2 spoke to people at the Buc-ee’s on Highway 290 in Waller County, and they said, despite the cold weather, they are ready for the holidays.

PJ Campagna is checking her list and charging her Tesla named Tes before hitting the road.

“You can actually pre-heat the car with the app on your phone, so we pre-heated the car. It was at 32 degrees, so he warmed it up,” she said.

LeAnn said she is hitting the road with her husband and her dog Spike.

“We are headed to the grandkid’s house in Austin,” she said.

On Thursday, an Arctic blast pushed through the state, but the frigid temperatures did not stop people from purchasing their favorite snacks or getting gas at Buc-ee’s.

“It’s the perfect Christmas weather. I wish we had a little snow, but then it makes it harder to drive,” LeAnn said.

“It’s almost as bad snow apocalypse a couple of Valentine’s Days ago, but hopefully, it won’t last as long,” Campagna said.

Campagna is headed to College Station from Clear Lake to spend time with family and friends.

“Lots of presents and lots of good food. We’ve been cooking for days,” Campagna said.

Joshua Zuber is a spokesperson for AAA Texas and says it’s important to check your car.

“At AAA we like to say make a good BET that you will arrive safely. That acronym stands for check your battery, engine, and tires,” Joshua Zuber said.

Zuber says to have a technician check your car and don’t forget to pack an emergency safety kit.

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