Christmas Miracles: Mom’s illness has family struggling to make ends meet

Spencer Solves It team works to bring Christmas to families in need

HOUSTON – Every year, KPRC 2′s Spencer Solves It Team brings a boatload of Christmas cheer to families in need in the Houston area with Christmas Miracles Week. After a detailed search, we’ve identified five deserving families who really need help this year.

Inside their cramped, little, apartment in Aldine, Mathew Glazewski and his wife Gina, read stories of faith and hope.

“I have reason to rejoice in the Lord,” the family reads from a book.

Their four bright-eyed children 6-year-old Chloe, 5-year-old Mathew, 3-year-old Hanna and 2-year-old Anna love reading time with the family. The Glazewski’s desperately needed a powerful dose of faith this year because they are going through so much right now.

Gina, who suffers from hydrocephalus, a condition where excess fluid develops in the brain, has been battling frightening seizures and has had several heart attacks so she can’t work. While Mathew, who is on the autism spectrum, has been out of work for months now.

“If I don’t have that job, I can’t buy no Christmas presents for my wife or pay my bills,” explains Glazewski. “I told my kids, I said, I don’t know what we’re going to do for Christmas because they’re always asking me and I’m like, ‘I don’t know baby.’”

Helping families this holiday season

The Spencer Solves It Team, with the help of Innovative Lasers of Houston owner Laura Alexis and Academy Sports and Outdoors, worked together to bring Christmas to this family.

Innovative Lasers of Houston gave the family $1,500 to help buy Christmas gifts. Plus, Academy Sports and Outdoors helped by giving each child a tailor-made bicycle and helmet.

“On behalf of myself and Innovative Lasers, we’d like to present this check for $1,500 so you can provide everything you want for your beautiful children,” said Alexis.

“Thank you! You really made my day!!” said Gina.

In addition to the Christmas miracle, the Spencer Solves It team is also giving the family a $1,000 gift card to Academy Sports and Outdoors so they can purchase even more toys and gifts. But perhaps most importantly, Mathew is looking for a job right now as a janitor. If you are or know someone who is looking to fill a janitor’s position, contact

For our “Christmas Miracles” series the Spencer Solves It team is working to help several families this holiday season. We’ve already chosen the families from the hundreds of emails we received.

Do you need help this holiday season?

If you need help paying utility bills, there are several organizations that can help. Scroll down on this “Ask Amy” article for a list of places to call.

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