‘It makes my blood boil’: Woman claims hospital staff is negligent towards her 43-year-old father, says staffers have left him in his own waste

HOUSTON – It’s been about a month since family members say Carlos Aviles was moved to Kindred Hospital Houston Northwest following an accident in October, but they say because of neglect, he’s almost worse off than when he first got there.

“It makes my blood boil,” said Carlos’ daughter Diana.

She says she and her family feel frustrated and helpless.

“The first incident that we had was dryness of the tongue,” she said.

She says things only got worse from there.

“Him being left in his own filth which is his pee or feces, and this is a continuous issue,” she said.

KPRC 2 was given photos Diana who says she and her mother started to document the incidents and report them to staff members. Her father’s injuries left him unable to speak for himself, and only nod or blink to agree or disagree.

“I asked him if he has been left in his own filth more than seven times. He said ‘Yes,’” she said. “They had been telling my mom that they don’t have any hot water to shower my father, so they’ve only been using wipes and wet towels to really clean him.”

Carlos Aviles is 43 years old and considered to be very active by loved ones, but now they say he has bedsores from not being moved

“If you’re not fit for the job then you shouldn’t be working here,” Diana said.

The family says they are in the process of moving Carlos to another facility.

Kindred Hospital Houston Northwest released the following statement:

“The team at Kindred Hospital Houston Northwest prioritizes the care and safety of all of our patients. Due to privacy restrictions, we are unable to comment on any individual patient’s condition.”

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