Devarjaye close to hitting new goal

Why the number 758 is so special to him

We have been following Devarjaye Daniel as part of our Bells for Abigail series all year long.

In early 2022, he set a goal to be sworn in by 100 law enforcement agencies. He quickly reached that number and just keep on going.

Devarjaye has set a new goal -- 758.

He chose that milestone because it was the badge number of honorary officer Abigail Arias.

“I’m doing 758 to honor Abigail Arias. It’s important to me because I don’t want people to forget her,” the 10-year-old said.

Devarjaye and Abigail never met, but they are connected by their inspiring cancer journeys. And now they are connected by the number 758.

As of Thanksgiving Day, Devarjaye’s number was 690.

He has ceremonies scheduled nearly every week so there is a good chance he will reach 758 before the end of the year.