Why record and not intervene? Horrific video allegedly shows 25-year-old Charlotte woman being beaten shortly before dying in Mexico

Mother of victim says friends all had ‘different stories’

25-year-old Charlotte woman, Shanquella Robinson, found dead in Cabo. ANDERS J. HARE (WCNC Digital Content Producer) (WCNC-CHARLOTTE; TEGNA)

CABO, Mexico – A family is still grappling with news of the sudden and suspicious death of their loved one, while they continue to spread her story in hopes of additional answers.

According to Queen City News, 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson was pronounced dead a day after arriving in Cabo, Mexico for a birthday trip with a group of her friends.

Shanquella’s mother, Salamondra, has been seen on videos, which are now being widely spread on social media, stating that her daughter’s friends told her that she died of alcohol poisoning.

“They said she wasn’t feeling well. She had alcohol poisoning,” she told QC News, who first reported the story.

“They couldn’t get a pulse,” she continued. “Each one of the people that was there with her was telling different stories.”

A housekeeper eventually found her dead body inside their Airbnb, her mother told Essence Magazine.

After struggling to retrieve Shanquella’s body from the country, her mother said the autopsy stated that she had died from being beaten.

“When the autopsy came back, they said it didn’t have anything to do with the alcohol,” Salamondra revealed. “[They] said that she had a broken neck and her spine in the back was cracked. She had been beaten.”

[WARNING: Video of the attack is graphic and may be hard for some to watch. View with caution.]

Following her death, a shocking video posted on social media was able to uncover another part of the trip that gave insight into what possibly could have happened.

The video, which now has more than a million views, shows one of the young ladies on the trip involved in a physical altercation with a person they claim to be Shanquella.

The video shows a moment when the attacker flung the victim by her neck, landing on the ground, then continues to pummel her in the head and neck areas.

Other friends, who were onlookers during the altercation, began recording their fight.

Footage from the fight is almost unbearable to watch as Shanquella receives blow after blow, without fighting back.

One of the people in the room could be heard saying, “Quella, can you at least fight back?”

In pain, she answered, “No.”

Social media users flooded the video with comments, with many asking “why” others were recording the fight, instead of putting an end to it. Other commenters posted warnings to other young people saying things like, “be careful of who you call your friends.”

The family is continuing to seek closure and clarity.

“She had a heart of gold, she loved everybody,” her mom told Queen City News. “I probably won’t be at ease until someone’s arrested.”

Her story is being spread under the hashtag, #JusticeForShanquella.

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