Spencer Solves It team searching for 5 families in need to help this Christmas

Do you know a family that needs our help?

HOUSTON, Texas – Inside a small apartment in Conroe, Taija Rubright hangs Christmas ornaments with her four children -- 7-year-old Ace, 6-year-old Titus, 2-year-old Easton, and 3-month-old Emmy.

“You don’t know what it would mean. Just to have something for them (the children) to open this year. It breaks my heart,” Taija said.

The Spencer Solves It Christmas Miracles Project is all about the children, the children of parents whose lives have been ripped apart by tragic events, bad luck, poor health, and in many cases, just tough economic times.

People like Danny Woolard, a professional musician who lost his job early on in the pandemic and couldn’t come close to providing any kind of a Christmas for his kids last year.

“I got fired, and now I don’t have any money. I was devastated because I didn’t really think COVID was going to take us out like that,” Woolard said.

Or hard-working moms like Blessing Eregue, a woman raising her five children all alone after her husband abandoned her, leaving her struggling just to scrape by.

”I’ve never bought my children one gift, ever because there’s just no money for food so I can’t even think of gifts for Christmas,” Eregue said.

Just imagine not being able to provide anything for the Christmas celebrations for your own children, simply because you can’t afford it.

That’s where we step in.

Working with our partners on this project, the great folks at Academy Sports and Outdoors, and Laura Alexis, the CEO of Innovative Lasers Of Houston, we rescued Christmas for these struggling families.

The Spencer Solves It team was able to give every child a brand-new bicycle and every family a total of $2,500 to buy whatever they needed.

Once again, the Spencer Solves It team will select five deserving families this year and help transform their Christmas holiday.

“I would just say thank you to God for giving us this blessing, for helping us get the things we really do need this Christmas,” said a 9-year-old girl who KPRC2 Reporter Bill Spencer helped last year.

Now, this is where you come in. Spencer Solves It is looking for five families with children that have had a horrible year and have fought their way through it. A family that is so financially struggling that they will not be able to provide their children with any gifts this Christmas.

If you know of a family like that, or you are in a family like that, please send an email telling us the full story of what you have been through to solvesit@kprc.com.

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