Texas State Sen. Gutierrez announces $300 million policy proposal for Uvalde community following Robb Elementary tragedy

State Sen. Gutierrez

UVALDE, Texas – Texas State Sen. Roland Gutierrez announced Wednesday a new policy proposal for the Uvalde community following the recent massacre at Robb Elementary.

The deadly mass shooting at the Uvalde elementary school on May 24, 2022, left 19 children and two teachers dead. Six months later, Gutierrez said the family of the victims and survivors have been left to navigate “an endless bureaucratic slog to receive resources.”

The senator was joined by Uvalde families during a news conference.

The senator started the conference by comparing how first responders reacted to 9/11 tragedy to how the Uvalde police responded to the mass shooting, stating that police officers failed by waiting too long to save those children and teachers.

“The average mass shooting in the US takes 10 minutes for responders to react,” he stated.

Gutierrez announced that he is refiling a Uvalde Victims Compensation Fund on Nov. 11, 2022, which will establish $300 million compensation in the bill. He said they have asked for compensation up to 7.7 million per household who lost a child, $2.1 million for injured children. He said there is a third tier for anyone on campus who experienced traumatic events because of the shooting, which will be caped at $200,000.

“The 7.7(million) is clear,” Gutierrez said. “Those kids waited for 77 minutes while cops did nothing. The $2.1 million is for the 21 people that died, and that goes to injured children. Forever they’ll have to live with survivors’ guilt, among many other traumas they’ll have to deal with in their lives,”

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