Mattress Mack surprises 9-year-old and family after Astros ticket scam cost them $400

A 9-year-old super fan of the Houston Astros and his family are getting the opportunity of a lifetime after falling victim to a scam.

Daniel and Brenda Garza, parents of 9-year-old Axel, wanted to surprise him with tickets to game one of the ALCS against the Yankees last week.

“I was just trying to surprise him and he loves baseball, he’s been playing since he was 3, and lately he’s been getting into the game,” Daniel told KPRC 2 on Friday.

They found a pair of tickets on OfferUp for $400 and sent the money to the seller via Zelle, but never received the tickets nor heard another word from the seller.

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“It’s just sad that they’re using the Astros and there are real fans that want to do it for their kids,” Brenda said.

After the story aired Friday night, Mattress Mack and his team reached out to KPRC 2, wanting to offer their own surprise.

“Terrible story, a wonderful family like that getting scammed on the internet and I’m sure the little boy’s heart was crushed,” Mattress Mack said. “He’s an Astros fan, I’m an Astros fan [and] we’re all cheering for the Astros.”

They invited the Garza’s to Gallery Furniture, where they were presented with four tickets to game one of the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies.

“Very surprised, I was excited … to see the players closer and see the pitchers warm up,” Axel said.

Initially, Daniel and Axel planned to go together and save money, but Mattress Mack and Caesars Palace gave the family of four first-level tickets to the game, turning an unfortunate situation into a positive outcome for them all.

“I’m just excited he gets to go to the World Series. He’s never been so the experience he’s going to have is what makes it worth it for me,” Daniel said. “Hopefully other people learn about it. I know we did. Next time we’ll buy from an actual place where they sell tickets.”

To protect yourself from scams, law enforcement agencies recommend fans:

  • Shop only at authorized retail locations, rather than street vendors, flea markets or other questionable sources.
  • Purchase tickets from a reputable dealer such as the website for the Houston Astros or Major League Baseball. If you purchase tickets on the secondary market stick with reputable companies and double-check the website’s guarantee.
  • Avoid purchasing items where the price seems too good to be true.
  • Check for poor stitching, ripped tags, irregular markings, or misspellings on apparel.

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