‘Craziest moment of my life’: Meet the Astros fan who caught Yordan Alvarez homerun ball in ALDS Game 1

HOUSTON – It was an unbelievable ALDS Game 1 for the Houston Astros, and especially a New Caney man who caught the Yordan Alvarez home run ball on his birthday.

”She (his sister) surprised me a couple weeks ago. She said, ‘For your birthday, we’re gonna go to the ALDS game one,’” said Dillon Harrell. “Oddly, enough she said this is where Yordan normally hits the big home runs!”

On Harrell’s 26th birthday, they sat in section 253 and row 6 at Minute Maid Park.

It was the 9th inning with two outs, two players were on base when Alvarez came up to the plate.

”If there could be a perfect scenario, that was it and there it was,” said Harrell, as he watched the cellphone video his sister captured. “He hit it right there, and you can see it just see it coming right at us and, ‘Boom,’ it landed and then I’m on the ground and you can see that’s my best friend. He pulled me up and then my sister realized I had the ball and then it was pure chaos. That had to be the craziest moment of my life. That was pretty wild. To sit there and see all the people around you taking pictures and screaming go Astros.”

Surprisingly enough, Harrell said he would give the ball back to Yordan Alvarez. 

“I don’t put in any work to make sure that this ball makes it out into the stands. He does. And if he wants the ball, I’ll be more than happy to give it to him because this is his ball. This is what he’s worked his whole life and dedicated his whole life to be able to hit this baseball,” he said.

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