Houston Cougars basketball team welcomes 10-year-old honorary member

Kelvin Sampson and company welcomed a new member to the team, 10-year-old Jace Abarca

HOUSTON – The Houston Cougars are a potential Final Four team next season, and their program just got much better.

Kelvin Sampson and the team welcomed a new member, 10-year-old Jace Abarca. The Houston native lives with both lupus and kidney diseases, but none of that mattered on Tuesday afternoon on a day that he described as “awesome!”

“To be welcomed by the University of Houston and the guys have been overly willing to participate and do anything that’s been asked,” Jace’s father, James Abarca, said.

“Jace comes from a great family, he’s a leader. We’re thinking he might have some point guard, leadership skills as we develop him,” Houston Cougars head coach, Kelvin Sampson, said.

Jace will be around throughout the season as he will be the official ball boy for the Houston Cougars’ home game.

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