Family demanding body cam footage after saying man pursued for minor charges ended up in coma

The family of Keevin Williams says the shooting which injured their loved one began at a Shell gas station on Greens Road and ended in a parking spot several dozen yards away, but what exactly happened between those moments are unclear.

Now, they’re searching for answers as Williams remains in a coma.

“Very sad and unhappy. Hurt,” said Keevin Williams’s mother, Abbie Ward.

She says she doesn’t know if her son will pull through the coma or ever walk again following the incident.

”When I looked at him, it was like he was all messed up on his face, swollen,” she said.

Back on Sept. 22, HCSO investigators say they were pursuing the 42-year-old, who had been arrested there before, after spotting what seemed like a drug deal.

”We was advised that my brother was here at this location, and he was running from the police, and he was tased and he hit his head, not really sure, my mom went to go see him at the hospital. We’re not really sure, it looked like it was something different,” said Williams’s sister Kristie Epps.

”It was told to me that he was in a coma or something, and we can’t go up there to see him,” Ward said.

Officials say Williams is in their custody, charged with evading arrest and trespassing, and that they recovered less than two ounces of marijuana from the scene.

”My brother, he’s a loving person, he’s funny, he has a sense of humor,” Epps said. “If you run across him, you’re going to love him. I’m not saying he’s the best child in the world but he was my brother, and I love him.”

The family adds that even if an arrest was justified, they don’t think this should have happened.

”This was just like two low-level charges. So how can you have someone between the time that they were here to the time that they’re at that hospital and you’re handcuffed to the bed fighting for your life,” said Dr. Candice Matthews representing the New Black Panther Nation.

HCSO says Williams suffered the injuries after being tased and stumbling over a metal parking spot guardrail.

The family says they are hoping to get body cam footage from the incident and they have retained a lawyer.

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