Many US veterans land behind bars. A unique, new law may change that, NBC News reports

It is a critical time to turn the tide for millions of post 9/11 veterans, advocates say, as many struggle to put the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War behind them.

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Tony Miller killed countless enemy forces while deployed in Iraq, where his Army unit captured so many high-value targets that they received a valor award.

“Violence was good,” said Miller, a paratrooper, who was sent back to Iraq just 17 days after returning home from his first deployment.  “Violence was rewarded.”

But once he left the military in 2008, Miller’s aggression was no longer an asset, and he was consumed by anger, exacerbated by untreated post-traumatic stress disorder. He was charged with second-degree assault with a firearm in 2014 and convicted soon after of felony drug possession — the consequences of which threatened to permanently derail any chance he had of resuming a productive life as a civilian.

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