Woman says random car followed her from The Galleria, busted out her windows and stole 2 new designer bags worth more than $3K

HOUSTON – A woman from the Katy area expressed concern for her safety and others after she said a car followed her home from The Galleria to steal two purses she had purchased.

“Who did it? Who’s organizing this, you know? Cause it’s a total violation of privacy,” she said.

The woman asked KPRC 2 to conceal her identity.

She said she went to The Galleria mall on Wednesday to pick up a purse her husband had ordered for her.

“They packaged the purse. I walked across from Gucci to Versace. I purchased a small purse from Versace,” she said.

She said she eventually left the mall, picked up her car from the valet, and stored the purses in the back of the vehicle, before driving home to the Katy area.

“I ran inside my house for three minutes. I came back outside. Got in my car because I was leaving again, and as soon as I got in my car, they busted out my window,” she said, accusing the person who shattered her window of stealing both bags, which are collectively valued at over $3,000.

“I had just seen his hand grab the bag out of the back of the car, and he was already getting in his car,” she said.

While she believes she was followed from the mall — in Harris County — Fort Bend’s sheriff’s office is investigating the alleged burglary since it happened in that county.

The woman fears she was followed by someone who watched her at the mall and wants surveillance video of her movement, and subsequent departure, released by mall security.

Once home, she said her car was parked out of the reach of a neighbor’s surveillance camera.

She believes at least two men were involved; the man who shattered her window, as well as a getaway driver.

She said the man who approached her vehicle wore a face covering.

She said she shared her experience to alert others.

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