Spencer Solves It helps disabled veteran who has helped hundreds of others

HOUSTON – At 76 years old, big Bill Callahan is a “tough-as-nails”, disabled, Vietnam veteran who served four tours of duty in the 101rst Airborne Division.

He served bravely until the day he was nearly killed in a rocket attack on his compound.

Of the 14 brave young men on his team, Callahan was the only one to come out of that attack alive.

”It’s so hard. These guys were like high-school-aged, but they didn’t make it home,” Callahan said while wiping away tears.

That was more than 50 years ago, and ever since, despite being paralyzed from the waist down, Callahan has dedicated thousands of hours of his life to helping other disabled veterans in need.

He’s helped with everything from rebuilding broken power wheelchairs and giving them to vets, to raising tens of thousands of dollars for different charities that serve veterans like the Paralyzed Veterans of America and others.

As a musician, he has also volunteered to play taps at the funerals of countless veterans and first responders.

And when horrific weather has hit the Houston area, he has helped organize rescue missions to help flood victims trapped in their homes.

But now, after a lifetime of giving help, it’s Callahan who actually needs our help.

In May 2021, Callahan was involved in a traffic accident in which he and his service dog plunged off a bridge into 15 feet of water.

Baytown firefighters were able to save Callahan and his dog Dauber, but Callahan’s only mode of transportation, his specially fitted, handicap-accessible van was destroyed.

”I’m not used to asking for help, I’m always used to helping other people in need,” Callahan said.

Callahan has even helped KPRC 2 investigator Bill Spencer and the Spencer Solves It team help several other veterans over the years.

What Callahan needs right now is simple: He needs enough money to buy a used van, hopefully, equipped with a hydraulic, wheelchair lift to continue to help others.

”I need $40,000 to find me a good, used van. I don’t need anything new, just something that’s working,” Callahan said.

For a man who has given his heart, and quite literally both of his legs for this country, this is one mission I can’t wait to complete, but I need your help to do that.

If you are able to donate to help raise enough money to help Callahan buy a van, please visit his GoFundMe.

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