‘I just want those back’: Woman says stolen RV had her grandmother’s ashes inside

Here's what we know

WILLIS, Texas – Angela Trevino grabbed what had been left behind Monday and stacked it in a laundry basket on a chair next to the cinder blocks that once anchored home.

“My nephew came to my sister’s house and was like, ‘Aunt Angie, you know your RV is gone.’ And I was like, ‘stop playing,’” Trevino said.

Trevino said the RV was stolen on Sept. 15.

When Trevino returned to the empty lot in the 15600 block of Fieldstone Lane in Willis, she knew it was no joke.

“We weren’t even gone like two days, three days,” Trevino said, adding her ex-brother-in-law owns the lot and allowed her to park the RV there in July. “We moved here because we were trying to get somewhere safe and family offered her a place to come,”

Trevino said electrical problems last week brought her to her sister’s house for a couple of nights.

While there, someone stole the camper and everything in it.

“All my son’s school clothes, his toys, and everything. Mainly my grandma’s ashes,” Trevino said.

Grandma Marie died in 2016.

“I just want those back. She raised me,” Trevino said.

Trevino hopes a picture of the RV helps to identify it.

She said she remains hopeful that her grandmother’s ashes will be returned.

“That’s everything. Everything to me,” she said.

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