Episcopal Diocese parishes across Texas rang bells as tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

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HOUSTON – The bell ringing across Texas Friday was fit a queen. Several parishes of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas rang bells at noon in Houston, Tyler, Waco and Austin.

Some of the parishes rang bells for a full hour, while others rang bells 96 times to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 96 years of life.

“Every day there’s going to be something that allows people to pay tribute to the Queen,” said Bishop Diocesan, C. Andrew Doyle. “So the Archbishop of Canterbury who is the peer but also the head of church, the Anglican Communion, asked that we ring bells.”

C. Andrew Doyle is the ninth Bishop of the Diocese of Texas. He said the Queen, in title, is the head of the Anglican Church, who appoints their Archbishop of Canterbury.

On Friday and for the days to come the Houston Diocesan Center in downtown Houston will pay tributes to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

“Her embodiment of faithfulness in some way is a large part of our communion and I would say that in the episcopal church we celebrate the life of all those who we faithful whether they are the least or a queen,” Doyle said.

Christ Church Cathedral’s Golding Chapel, located at 1117 Texas Avenue, will be open for prayer and reflection in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, Monday, Sept.12- Friday, Sept.16, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Those who wish to pay tribute in celebration of the life of Queen Elizabeth II are invited to do so in the adjacent Columbarium.