Driver Courtesy Month: Here are top 5 tips to keep the peace on the streets

HOUSTON – Driver courtesy is the main ingredient for a better experience when you’re behind the wheel. This is why the National Motorists Association is using September to help drivers understand the value of respect on the road.

Here are their top practices to keep the peace on the streets:

  • Lane Courtesy—Drive Right, Pass Left
  • Use Your Turn Signal
  • Drive a Steady Speed on the Highway
  • Don’t Tailgate
  • Pay Attention at Stoplights—Don’t Multitask
  • Don’t Text and Drive
  • Use the Zipper Merge

Are you a courteous driver? Answer these questions!

  • On a limited access highway, when do you move back into the right lane?
  • What should you do when you come upon slower traffic?
  • When an aggressive driver comes up behind you, what do you do?

About the Author:

Traffic expert and What’s Driving Houston reporter, proud Latina, lover of animals, food and our beautiful planet.