‘We all lost something’: Mother of 4-year-old killed in golf cart crash in Galveston encourages people not to drink and drive

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GALVESTON COUNTY – It’s been one month since the golf cart wreck on Galveston Island where four people were killed, including two children, when an accused drunk driver slammed into their golf cart.

“Heartbroken. I lost my son, my father-in-law, and my nephew. I just think about the happy times I had with them,” said Jocelyn Lara.

In the month since losing her four loved ones, including her 4-year-old son Kaisyn Bentancur, father-in-law Felipe Bentancur, 14-year-old nephew Brailyn Cantu, and the boy’s cousin Destiny Uvalle, Lara admits the despair has been suffocating at times.

“We all lost something,” Lara said.

She added that grief doesn’t suddenly end at a certain point after a tragedy.

“It’s a lot to handle,” Lara said.

Miguel Espinoza, 45, is accused of running a stop sign and crashing into the golf cart they were riding in.

On the night of the crash, investigators said Espinoza had bloodshot eyes and his breath smelled like alcohol.

”The drunk driving has to stop,” Lara said.

Court documents claim Espinoza had started drinking with his companions at Floats around 2:30 pm, which was nine hours before the incident.

The family’s attorney, who filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit, said the public has been instrumental in helping piece together Espinoza’s whereabouts on the day of the deadly crash.

“If you’ve seen or saw Mr. Espinoza and his companions drinking and you know information, please share it,” James Amaro said.

Although horrible, Lara said tragedy has a way of bringing families closer together.

“Taking it day by day is all we can do and pray. We just have to have peace,” Lara said.

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