Suspect accused of stealing, neglecting pets; Crime spree allegedly spanned the nation

It’s being considered a crime spree that spanned the nation, now Tiara Alsaid, the suspect accused of stealing and neglecting pets is facing prison time, while officials search for the owners of some of the stolen animals recovered in Conroe.

To say Jon and Dana Williamson are dog lovers is an understatement.

Their company Savage Cane Corsos breeds premium litters in Dayton Texas.

Savage is in partnership with a sister kennel, Southern Platinum in Murfreesboro Tennessee. When the Williamsons heard a black brindled pup named Dolo never made it from Tennessee to its new owner in California, they teamed up to try to track down the transporter, Alsaid.

”She had actually transported for Southern Platinum two years ago, for six of a litter out of 13, and she did a really good job,” Dana said.

Dana showed KPRC 2 cell phone video she says shows Alsaid picking Dolo up on Aug. 1.

”Well, a day or two went by, and there was really no type of reaching out... text or anything,” she said.

Two weeks after pick up, she says Dolo still hadn’t made it to California. The breeders went online searching for answers.

”Basically we were just trying to send out as much on social media as we could,” Dana said.

They learned there were others with similar complaints of Alsaid going ghost.

One person even said Alsaid delivered her a dead dog.

Coincidentally, the buzz on this case helped them track Alsaid to the Houston area where Dana says they were planning a sting operation with officials, but before that could happen, 26-year-old Alsaid was pulled over for a traffic stop in Montgomery County.

Alsaid was arrested along with 57-year-old Anthony Johnson on Tuesday.

MCSO says they were in a stolen Uhaul with several malnourished dogs in the back including Dolo who also looked to be suffering a chemical burn.

”I can only imagine the trauma that these dogs have been put through,” Dana added.

As for Dolo, the Williamsons plan to nurse him back to health.

They say the rightful owner has decided to come from California to get him himself.

Alsaid was taken into custody for multiple offenses including theft and animal cruelty and has multiple drug warrants out of various counties.

Additionally, Johnson was arrested for possession of marijuana.

Officials are hoping the public can help reunite the other dogs with their owners.

If you have any information or you know the dog’s original owners, contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office at (936) 760-5800

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