Police: Teen shot twice in the back in southeast Houston could be paralyzed

Police said a teenager could be paralyzed after he was shot at least twice in the back in southeast Houston. KPRC 2's Cathy Hernandez reports.

HOUSTON – Police said a teenager was shot twice in the back early Thursday in southeast Houston, and authorities said he could be paralyzed.

“What we’re hearing from the doctors is that he may be paralyzed so prayers for him,” Houston Police Department Lt. R. Willkens said. “He’s a 15-year-old kid.”

The shooting happened around 12:16 a.m. on Clearwood Street and Meldrum Drive near two apartment complexes.

He went to a Valero convenience store to buy some snacks when his card was declined, and he left the store on foot.

He crossed the street and police said a vehicle -- a white sedan -- pulled up near him, and then someone ran up on the sidewalk and shot him at least twice.

The teen went down and the shooter kicked him a few times and then fled on foot.

“The only description we have is that our suspect is going to be a fairly large, most likely male in possible a gray or white hoodie. That’s all we have,” police said. “Our detectives are coming right now. Very confident they’re going to find out who this guy is.”

Police said there is video of the incident, but that video has not been released as of this writing. There is not yet a released motive for the shooting.

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