Elevator issues at apartment complex for senior citizens causes major issues

“It is totally disabling. There are so many people here that need help, that don’t have help,” one resident said.

MAGNOLIA, Texas – Residents of an apartment complex for senior citizens said a broken elevator has made getting around close to impossible for many.

“It keeps happening over and over,” said Virginia Stanton, a resident of Magnolia Trails Apartment Complex, located on the 31500 block of Nichols Sawmill Road.

Stanton said it has been a long walk down the hall and to the stairs to get to the first floor.

“There’s one elevator,” she said. “The people who live on the second or third floor cannot get out if they’re disabled.”

Stanton uses a walker to get around and needs help taking the stairs.

“I can’t do it without someone helping me. My daughter has helped me. My friend, Sue, has helped me. In fact, she’s the one that helped me get down to play cards today,” she said.

Sue Ashmore, Stanton’s friend and neighbor, said problems with the complex’s elevator have been reoccurring.

“For the safety of the residents on floors one and two — it’s a must because they can’t walk up and down the stairs. Even if you’re going to the grocery store to buy groceries, you can’t bring the groceries up without an elevator,” Ashmore said.

While residents said problems with the elevator aren’t new, management said that’s not true. However, they acknowledged two breakdowns within the past two weekends.

An elevator repair company was able to fix the problem the first time, management said, but a supply chain issue has made securing the part needed for the second repair tough.

Memorial Trail’s management did not give a timetable on when the problem would get resolved, citing the supply chain issue with the part that’s needed.

They said residents who need help getting around should contact the office.

However, residents fear someone will get hurt trying to take the stairs. They hope a fix can happen — for good.

“It is totally disabling. There are so many people here that need help, that don’t have help,” Stanton said.

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