Woman says her husband went to return a truck in 2021, and never returned; Family still hopeful after his mysterious disappearance

This Halloween, it will make one year since Patricia Harris last heard from her husband, John Davis.

She says she and their three kids are trying to hold on to hope, but with little to no leads, it has not been easy.

”We were together 28 years, this would’ve been 29 years,” Harris said.

Davis is a truck driver who disappeared last year after Harris says he headed to the Dallas-Fort Worth area to return a truck he had borrowed.

Harris says the next day, she got an unusual call from the truck’s owner.

”The only thing this guy ever said to me is ‘Have you heard anything,’” Harris said.

About four months later, Harris says the truck was found in a Love’s gas station parking lot in Mount Vernon in Franklin County. Davis was nowhere to be found.

”[Investigators] called the owner to come pick his truck up. The owner didn’t come pick the truck up. They towed the truck,” Harris said.

She says the truck is still in the lot and that she believes it may hold clues as to what happened to her husband, but so far the investigation hasn’t produced any evidence.

Even though she fears the worst, she says she’s trying to keep a positive attitude for her kids.

”They know, but they still have hope,” Harris said.

Davis is a 48-year-old Black man, standing about 5′10 high and weighing around 180 lbs.

If anyone has any information on his whereabouts you’re asked to give Houston police a call at (832) 394-1840

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