Buy groceries, get a physical: This Houston H-E-B location has a fully-functioning primary care clinic

Snacks, check. Lunch, check. Physicals? Check!

HOUSTON – Snacks, check. Lunch, check. Physicals? Check!

Many Houston-area students are either already back in school or will head back to school this week.

With this comes shopping and possibly an annual trip to the doctor for a physical.

This year, students 12 and older will have a new option on where they can go to get an exam at the H-E-B Wellness Primary Clinic, located at 9745 Katy Freeway at Bunker Hill. The clinic is located within the same complex as its store.

For more than 117 years, Texans have gone to H-E-B across the state for their food, now they will be able to go to select locations for their healthcare needs.

“Wellness to sickness, we take care of the whole spectrum. Here we are trying to create access to healthcare for everyone,” said Dr. Tina Periani, a physician with HEB Wellness Primary Care. “The way medicine is practiced generally is reactive for disease to manifest and then we try to play catchup to treat. We know change happens at the cellular level much before disease manifests and so we want to intervene, in a proactive instead of a reactive way. We see patients 12 and up for any of their primary care needs, bloodwork, seeing a physician, doing procedures, we also have in-house nutritional services, PT services, health coaching, access to pharmacists to consult with.”

Stacy Bates is director of Wellness Nutrition Services with H-E-B.

“Nutrition isn’t one size fits all. And it’s not simple,” she said. “In our healthcare model, we have dieticians that work hand in hand with our doctors to really have a food first philosophy in how we approach health and wellbeing.”

H-E-B has 60 dieticians at 22 of its stores across Texas.

“If they have health needs, or just managing chronic disease, or if they are a busy mom, and they want to know what to feed their kids back to school, or how to pack a great lunch for them, or if they are an athlete working on sports nutrition.” Bates added.

Dieticians can also offer virtual telehealth services to customers within Texas. Walk-ins are accepted, but appointments are preferred at the Bunker Hill location.

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