Woman says she’s been accused of theft after her social media accounts were hacked

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HOUSTON – A mother expressed concern for her family’s safety after she said someone showed up at her home demanding money for items purchased from hacked social media accounts bearing her face and name.

“People are walking around Houston saying a lady named Brittni Sparks is taking people’s money and is not giving what she promised,” said Brittni Sparks.

Sparks scrolled through two social media accounts, both Facebook and Instagram, showing profiles that seem to confirm she is the curator - a problem she’s traced back to March of last year.

“I got these weird text messages in my Facebook account and I just knew I was talking to a friend of mine and his wife.  Long story short, here we are,” Sparks said.

Sparks said she has been accused of theft by people who say she duped them out of hundreds of dollars.

Sparks showed KPRC2 several fake posts, including one that advertises a move and house items she’s put up for sale. Problem is, that she’s not the seller; however, people don’t believe her.

“Someone showed up, knocked on the door, a man and a woman, and they said, ‘Hi, we’re here, Brittni Sparks sent us a message and we sent her money. We’re here to pick up our puppies.’”

Sparks said those people showed her messages detailing alleged correspondences between her and them. They are from people scammed by a hacker, all of it leaving Sparks concerned about her family’s safety.

“HPD has been empathetic, but unfortunately, they’ve told me there’s absolutely nothing that they can do because technically a crime hasn’t been committed,” Sparks said.

Sparks said she has sent messages to Facebook and Instagram stating her case over the past year, but hasn’t received any resolution.

“Because my name is Brittni Sparks and that page is Brittni Sparks, the email response that we typically get back is, we reviewed this case and we didn’t find that this person was pretending to be you. So forth and so on.  It’s very frustrating,” she explained.

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