Harris County PCT. 4 partners with 6 Houston area school districts to ensure school safety

Partnership between 6 school districts and PCT. 4

Harris County Precinct Four Constable’s Office in north Harris County is teaming up with six local districts to make sure students are safe this school year.

“It’ll help protect kids and ease the parents a little bit. A lot more needs to be done,” said mother Yvonne Marie.

Safety is top of mind for families of children heading back to school, and Constable Mark Herman is reassuring parents they’re ready.

“We’re going to make sure that the kids out here are protected in north Harris County, the best we can get them protected,” said Herman.

Precinct 4 is working with police departments from six school districts, including Spring ISD, Tomball ISD, Klein ISD, Cy-Fair ISD, Humble ISD and Aldine ISD.

Herman said he’s dedicated hundreds of his deputy constables to schools throughout the year.

“We will literally have deputy constables with our ISDs, walking schools, we will be at schools, they may need us to work traffic enforcement,” said Herman.

Herman and the police chiefs met last week to lay out their strategic plan, including law enforcement response in case of an active shooter situation.

“Whether these folks show up or their folks and my folks or the sheriff’s folks, the main objective is to neutralize that threat period,” he said.

Marie said we all need to work together to ensure students are safe.

“It can’t just be the police departments. It has to be a community effort and the congress, the people we put in place to help with situations like this,” said Marie.

Herman said they’re also adding additional deputy constables to private schools and daycares within Precinct 4.

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