Copper thieves target shopping center in east Houston, owners say

An east Houston business owner is warning others to be on the lookout for copper thieves after a recent theft has forced her to shut down her photography studio.

Lauren Eureste told KPRC 2 that her studio, Imagine Lauren Photography located in the 800 block of Normandy Street, has been unusable for about four weeks.

“They broke into the back of the complex and they stripped all the wiring to the entire complex,” she said. “And so me and five other businesses lost power and electricity. We have no A/C, no way of taking pictures, and no way of using our lights,” said Eureste.

Eureste said the thieves that hit the Dahu Plaza were arrested but the damage to the building and its businesses has proven costly.

“I’ve lost quite a bit of money. Anywhere from eight to 10 grand just in the last four weeks, and I’ve had to spend money on renting other studios,” Eureste said.

Eureste said the owner of the plaza is working with businesses to try and repair the problem and has even offered to pay one month’s worth of rent for the inconvenience.

“It’s just a matter of getting all this wiring replaced because it’s equipment that’s hard to come by,” said Eureste.

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