‘An ongoing issue’: Catalytic converter thieves target vehicles parked at Bush Airport lot, police say

HOUSTON – The Houston Police Department is investigating after reports of several catalytic converters stolen from vehicles parked at a Bush Intercontinental Airport parking lot.

Jolie Fletcher told KPRC she parked her Toyota Land Cruiser at the Ecopark lot on JFK Boulevard for about two weeks while she was away on vacation and returned to find her SUV was targeted by thieves.

“When we got to the vehicle and started the car, I knew immediately that something was wrong,” said Fletcher.

Fletcher filed a report with HPD and said she discovered several other vehicles had been hit also.

“It seems that has been an ongoing issue,” she said. “Four or five others within the hour joined us to make the same report of missing Catalytic converters.”

Fletcher said the damage to her SUV was estimated at $8,000.

She filed a report with the parking lot which claimed they would refund her parking money but said they were not responsible for the theft.

KPRC reached out to Houston airports and obtained the following statement:

“There are multiple cameras at all parking locations, Houston Airports’ parking lots are well lit, and each location has a private security guard service. Also, Houston Airports works closely with its parking operators and the Houston Police Department to have crime deterrents at all parking facilities.

Houston Airports constantly reviews how to better safeguard passengers’ vehicles while they are traveling and in addition to the crime deterrents in our parking facilities, we are grateful to the officers of the Houston Police Department who assist us every day in safeguarding our parking facilities.

From January 1, 2022, to June 30, 2022, more than 244,800 Ecopark users have experienced our efforts which have resulted in 99.97% of customers using our facilities without a security incident.”

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