Air Alliance Houston teams up with several organizations for bike ride to sample the air quality in Gulfton community

HOUSTON – Air Alliance Houston is taking action to address environmental concerns in a Southwest Houston community and raising awareness about air pollution issues.

On Saturday morning, leaders teamed up with several organizations for a bike ride to sample air quality in Gulfton.

The goal for Air Alliance Houston is simple, everyone has the right to breathe clean air.

“It’s important to have good air quality because it directly impacts health,” Alejandra Jaramillo said.

Alejandra Jaramillo is an ambassador for the organization. She and several others rode their bikes to areas to sample the air quality.

They stopped at the Argos Southern Star concrete batch plant on Renwick Drive and rode by several mechanic shops on Edgemoor Drive where there are high pollution levels.

Some bikers had small devices that collect data and detect what was in the air.

“From the Flow 2 air monitor, we are going to be collecting Nitrogen Dioxide particles,” Jaramillo said. “It also picks up Volatile Organic Compounds and particular matter.”

The group also visited the Westward Square apartment complex and the Baker Ripley Gulfton facility that was already equipped with monitors.

Bikers say it’s essential to raise awareness about air pollution issues.

“Air quality is a matter of quality of life. It’s really important to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure an equitable and just future for our city and all of our communities,” Priya Zachariah said.

William Lyons works in Fifth Ward and says they sampled the air a year ago. He wanted to support the Gulfton community.

“The air quality we know affects Fifth Ward because we know people report allergies, lung diseases, and people are concerned about the eyes and things like that and so we know there are a lot of irritants in the air,” Lyons said.

The data from Saturday’s event will be assembled, analyzed, and shared with community partners, Gulfton leaders, and residents by Air Alliance Houston.

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