Thief caught on camera targeting several businesses in Katy’s Asia Town

Here's what we know

KATY – A man has been caught on camera breaking into several businesses in Katy’s Asia Town.

The business owners are now hoping surveillance videos will lead to his arrest.

On July 13, just before midnight, security cameras captured a man shattering the front door at Ding Tea in Katy Asia Town.

Seconds later, the man picked up the cash register and slammed it on the floor several times before running off with the cash.

Almost 30 minutes later, surveillance video from Lava Coffee shop, which is three doors down from the tea shop, showed the same person breaking through the front door and running to the register before realizing it was empty.

“Come on man, get a job,” said business owner, Thuc Wong.

Thuc Wong owns the Blackpearl Seafood Bar in the same shopping center. He shared pictures with KPRC2 of the suspected burglar that also targeted his business.

“I check my camera and saw the front window broken out,” he said.

The co-owners at Break Time Tea now have their front door boarded up for the second time in two weeks.

“We believe that they targeted us. They came in and checked out the whole store before they broke in. He knew exactly what to do and where to go,” Ton Doan said.

On Tuesday, the thief tried to steal the register again but left empty-handed, leaving business owners frustrated.

“We are struggling to try to survive through all the COVID and inflations and now this? It doesn’t make any sense to me,” Doan said.

Yummy Pho, Papa’s Beard and ForkIt were also broken into.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is aware of the break-ins and said anyone with information should contact their office.

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