Lamar CISD, Stafford MSD and FBISD host security summit led by former US Secret Service members ahead of new school year

School safety insight from U.S. Secret Service

Packed into the Stafford Centre auditorium were teachers, administrators, and law enforcement officers from three school districts.

“Student and staff safety are our number one priorities,” said Roosevelt Nivens, Superintendent for Lamar CISD.

So, before students re-enter the classroom, school employees from Lamar CISD, Stafford MSD and Fort Bend ISD spent the day learning how to prevent another Uvalde.

“The entire makeup of the school is not just the building,” said Mac Bostic, former secret service agent and Vice President of Evitar Systems. “The entire makeup of the school is the community, it’s the child and it’s the building.”

Former United States Secret Service members led the training.

“Secret service has the best training when it comes to the assessing of situations,” Mac said.

KPRC2 asked Mac what makes this training any different. And although he wouldn’t go into detail because of safety concerns, he did give some perspective.

“It’s more than just locking your doors,” he said. “It’s learning and understanding why I’m locking the doors.”

He also added that it’s about learning the psychology of a community.

“Really using your community as a safety net where everybody ends up being basically first responders,” Robert Bostic, Superintendent for Stafford Municipal Schools.

Erika Aguirre, a Fort Bend County mother of five, said she likes what heard.

Still, she said she’s keeping her children close and wants more insight on how schools will keep her children safe.

“That’s one of the hardest parts,” Aguirre said. “I have my kids, and I think as parents we want the best for our kids and their happiness, but also to have a better future and it just hurts.”

The school districts said they are working on an informational video to give to parents.

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