Gov. Greg Abbott responds to Texas House investigative report into Uvalde school shooting

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Uvalde report released

The Texas House of Representatives Investigative Committee on the Robb Elementary Shooting released its interim report on the tragedy Sunday. It is based on weeks of closed-door interviews with dozens of people, including witnesses and law enforcement who responded to the shooting scene in Uvalde, Texas.

The preface of the report states: “The Committee issues this interim report now, believing the victims, their families, and the entire Uvalde community have already waited too long for answers and transparency.”

You can find a summary of the report here.

Gov. Abbott released the following statement on the report below:

“I want to thank Speaker Phelan and the Texas House for their investigation and for sharing a detailed account directly with the victims’ families and the Uvalde community. The findings in their investigative report are beyond disturbing and raise serious concerns about the response that day. There are critical changes needed as a result of the Texas House’s findings. With multiple investigations still ongoing, including those by the Texas Senate, FBI, and Texas Rangers, we will begin working with the legislature to develop and implement the necessary changes to improve public safety, school safety, and mental health assessment and treatment.”

The full report as it was released to the families of the victims and members of the Uvalde community can be viewed below.