Houston’s Comicpalooza is back and expected to help recharge the city’s economy

HOUSTON – After a lull because of COVID-19, Houston’s very own Comicpalooza is back and bigger than last year!

The nearly 50, 000 people who are expected to fill the George R Brown convention center this weekend are in for much more than comics, they’re also helping to recharge Houston’s economy.

While Comicpalooza looks to be all fun and games, the three-day event, not to be confused with the national Comic-Con, is unique to Space City.

“We’re a Houston event, we’re here locally in the heart of downtown,” said Comicpalooza representative Norma Diaz.

After the pandemic scaled things back in 2021, facilitators said this year it’s back bigger and better than before.

“People who are into Star-Wars, we’ll have the Star-Wars alliance. There’s a little bit of something for everyone,” Diaz said.

That includes a car show with themed wrapped vehicles like a Naruto Hellcat Challenger.

“Naruto has a 9tail fox inside him and it’s a demon that he’s trying to control, his inner demon, and whenever he unleashes that beast it’s pure power. That’s what this is,” said Koriey Dixon, the car show’s track manager.

There are not only comics and cosplay, but also culture.

“The second floor is going to have k-pop activations. We’re also going to have a cultural arts avenue where various organizations from the community are going to come together and display their art,” Diaz said.

It’s a chance to buy local and support Houston’s rebounding economy.

“My wife works this event. This is her first year fully officially working and I get the chance to come out and check out some stuff,” said Russell Couch.

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