KPRC 2 Trust Index: Do fuel tips and tricks work?

HOUSTON – We’ve all heard dos and don’ts when it comes to saving money at the pump. Now, more than ever before, those tips could be important, but are they true?

AAA Texas spokesperson Joshua Zuber weighs in on what can save you money, and what will not.

Filling up our fuel tanks these days is actually draining: our minds and our wallets.

We asked Zuber if drivers fill up in the morning hours when the temperature is cool, could consumers save money.

“This particular statement of filling up in the morning, versus the PM or the evening, it is technically true, but the actual savings is going to be extraordinary minimal. That’s because the gas tanks for a gas station, they are buried several feet underground, so the temperature swings throughout the day, not going to really impact the temperature of the gasoline,” he explained.

What about holding down the nozzle or putting it on the automatic flow function?

“When you’re talking about the flow rate, that is going to be happening at a regular consumer gas station, the flow rate is not going to impact, how much gas is evaporated, how much fuel you get into your vehicle,” Zuber said.

Some people are adamant about filling up on a half tank, while others let the “E” light come on. Does it make a difference?

“So the bottom line (is) there is no net impact or effect for motorists whether they fill up at a quarter, half or ¾. AAA would recommend that folks keep their gas tanks at least a quarter full to avoid an emergency system. Running it on fumes sort of speak, really riding it on E, you can actually damage your fuel pump and fuel system and that could be a BIG costly repair,” explained Zuber.

Here are some tips that AAA says will save you money:

  • Shop around for the best gas prices, but do not travel too far out of your way to save cents.
  • Download apps that can help you find cheaper gas, but know not always are these tools accurate, call ahead.
  • Consult your owner’s manual to see if premium fuel is recommended or required.
  • Look for programs for fuel rewards.
  • Check B.E.T – Check battery, engine and tires.
  • Follow safe driving habits: follow posted speed limits, use cruise control when you can and avoid those abrupt starts.

About the Author:

Zachery “Zach” Lashway anchors KPRC 2+ Now. He began at KPRC 2 as a reporter in October 2021.