The Proud Boys spotted wearing Buc-ee’s products at protests, rallies

The company responded saying it ‘never had contact with these people and do not know them’

The Proud Boys members were seen wearing the products at demonstrations around Texas

RICHMOND – There was a lot of pushing, shouting and controversy at a protest/rally at the University of North Texas in Denton, and at the center of it all were the Proud Boys, a far right wing organization, that has apparently added a familiar face to their uniform.

It’s a face just about every Texan knows on sight. It’s Buc-ee the beaver, the friendly, goofy, buck-toothed face of Buc-ee’s, the massive chain of gas station emporiums, with more than 40 locations across Texas.

But instead of selling beaver nuggets, brisket tacos or soft drinks, the Proud Boys are known for expressing their own political beliefs and ideas, which they have every right to, at rally’s and protests all over the country.

So what do Houstonians think of this new addition to the Proud Boys’ distinctive look?

“I think it’s probably pretty bad that any political group would use Buc-ee’s as part of their advertising,” said Josh Blackard from Needville.

“Well, they shouldn’t be using a family-friendly logo to promote their own hate group,” said Paul Hopkins of Richmond.

“If they are doing that, then they are giving the impression that Buc-ee’s is behind them and that Buc-ee’s is promoting their actions,” said Raul Basurto of Richmond.

In Conroe, nurse Lorine Roberts is a former member of Pride Houston and a prominent member of the LGBTQ community.

She told KPRC2 what she thinks about Buc-ee the beaver being used in this way by the Proud Boys organization.

“I think it is blatant disregard, not only to the people all around them who they are disrespecting, but also to the company (Buc-ee’s) itself,” said Roberts.

KPRC2 Investigates contacted top officials at Buc-ee’s for their reaction to what is happening with the Proud Boys and their mascot Buc-ee the beaver and they sent the following statement:

“We have never had contact with these people and do not know them. Nobody is going to prevent us from providing clean bathrooms equally to all people.”

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