Mother of 3 begs for help, says growing mold forced them into a shelter

Here's what we know

HOUSTON – Looking at Huong Bui’s mobile home from the outside, it’s hard to tell that anything is wrong with it. She said the growing problems hidden inside the walls and ceilings have forced her, a mother with three young sons, into a shelter.

“I have the chest pain, and my children have the chest pains and breathing problems,” Bui said. “Rash, skin rash.”

Those problems she said are affecting her and her 5, 6, and 7-year-old sons. She believes they are due to mold growing in her Clayton Mobile home in the Dickinson area.

She’s lived there with her family since 2020 and says the house appeared to have problems almost from the start.

“Like leaks, the front door was installed poorly, and it’s got the leak... The floor was buckling,” Bui said.

She adds she notified the manufacturer, t Homes, immediately.

“I called them but after several phone calls, they didn’t respond, then I called them like several months straight and they got somebody,” Bui said.

She said numerous leaks were sealed over the past two years but believes water that has seeped into her ceilings and walls is causing mold to grow in the insulation, which still hasn’t been removed.

“All they did is spray the white paint on the top of the ceiling to cover the stuff up, and still has discoloration on it,” Bui said.

According to this inspection report from June, mold was found in several areas of the house. Bui said she grabbed her kids and left.

“I end up in the shelter,” Bui said. “I sent all that documentation to the state and Clayton home representative, and nobody respond to anything.”

Bui’s neighbors are coming to her defense.

“She’s a good mother, very protective,” said Bui’s next-door neighbor, Carlene. “She’s left with nowhere to turn she’s living out of her home and home and she’s still paying her lease here, and the little children need a place where they can be safe and comfortable.”

Bui says she just wants to provide a safe roof over her children’s heads and hopes the problems can be fixed ASAP. We reached out to Clayton Homes several times and were told to contact the corporate office. We did that but have not gotten a response.

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