Houston Newsmakers: Focus on mental health support and gun control amid legislation

Also: Honor Flights resume for Houston-area veterans

Stress and mental health concerns for the safety and care of our children (KPRC-Pixabay)

“Get serious about mental health support.”

The murders of 19 innocent children and their teachers in Uvalde last month has pushed the discussion about mental health near the top as a part of gun control legislation.

The U.S. Senate passed a gun safety bill this week that is designed to make it tougher for some people to get guns while adding funding for mental health.

Dr. Bob Sanborn is the President & CEO of Children at Risk and is a guest on this week’s Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall. He says the Senate bill is a start.

“All across the board, what you find is that no matter where you sit politically, we’re not doing enough to prevent 19 babies from being killed.,” he said. “And we’re just going to see more of it unless we do more of these things. We can protect the second amendment at the same time we protect our children. It’s not one or the other. We can do both.”

See his full interview on this week’s program.

Post-pandemic stress fueling anxiety and mental health issues

Family Houston is an organization that has been helping area families with all kinds of needs since 1904. Most recently their focus has been easing the mental health concerns of parents and families brought on by anxiety and stress.

“If you’re having trouble putting food on the table, paying the light bill, you’re underemployed or unemployed, that affects your mental health, said Charly Weldon, President and CEO of Family Houston. “That bleeds into every part of our program and it’s really been a staple of our services since about the 1940s.”

How challenging is stress in the lives of families? They see children clients as young as three years of age. Find out the signs of anxiety and stress that can lead to serious mental health problems.

Honor Flight Veteran (KPRC)

Honoring veterans through Honor Flights Houston

The mission of Honor Flights Houston is to honor America’s most senior heroes, survivors of World War ll, as well as Korean and Vietnam war veterans with free flights to Washington D.C. to visit their memorials. Many of the veterans say it is a life-changing trip.

Gary Watt is the co-Chair of Honor Flights Houston.

“I remember on one of the Vietnam flights and the welcome home at Hobby, the gentleman who was the veteran walking in front of me turned around with tears in his eyes and said ‘this wasn’t what happened when we came back from Vietnam and this makes it all right.’”

Watt and Honor Flights volunteer Nick Tran are guests on this week’s program. You’ll want to hear Tran’s story. He and his father escaped from Vietnam the day it fell. Tran eventually joined the United States Army.

More of his story and how you can help this mission or arrange for a veteran you know to take this memorable flight.

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