‘HORRIFIC’: 7-year-old girl rescued from deplorable Spring home, Pct. 4 says; Mother charged with prostitution, child endangerment

Parents charged with child endangerment and prostitution

HARRIS COUNTY – A 7-year-old girl was rescued from what deputies from Harris County Pct. 4 Constable are calling ‘horrific’ living conditions in the Spring area.

According to Pct. 4, deputies conducted an undercover operation for two weeks after receiving “numerous tips and complaints about possible prostitution activity at the home and a child living in an unfit home.”

Pct. 4 Constable Mark Herman said Thursday morning that Crime Stoppers initially tipped them, which began the investigation.

Constable Herman said undercover officers posed as one of the woman’s clients, who reportedly offered her $100 per act.

At some point, investigators made it inside the home and arrested her and a 72-year-old man. During the arrest, Constable Herman said a 7-year-old girl was found inside. She was immediately isolated and was taken to CPS custody.

Herman said the girl appeared to be in good health.

‪”This is all the child knew. This, here, to this child, is normal. They know nothing else,” said Hermann. “I can tell you as a father and grandfather looking at this, it is pathetic. We are not going to allow it. Not going to allow breaking the law and not going to let them do this to a 7-year-old.”

The mother of the girl, 38-year-old Rose Shengmei Colton, was arrested and charged with child endangerment and prostitution. Colton did not appear in PC court on Thursday, but a judge spoke about her previous record that dates back to 2018. Officials say Colton had three misdemeanor bonds at the time of her arrest for assault, criminal trespass and making false reports to a police officer.

7-year-old girl rescued from deplorable Spring home, Pct. 4 says; Mother charged with prostitution, child endangerment

“What kind of catches my eye in the false report case is that she called in a robbery that evidently, she was on video chasing someone out of a hotel and spraying them with pepper spray. But turns out, police said it was actually a prostitution transaction,” a judge said.

She is being held on a $5,000 bond and is expected in court on June 29.

The father, 71-year-old Richard Colton, was charged with child endangerment, deputies said. His bond was set at $15,000. He is expected in court on June 24.

Constable Herman said additional criminal charges will be filed against the couple.

Neighbors said they are concerned about the strangers and unfamiliar cars that keep coming into the area.

“Every 15 minutes, they would just come by, stop, leave, stop, leave,” one neighbor said. “There are lots of ADS for [the mother]. She even tells you where she’s at off the Grand Parkway. All the activity was going on at night after 9 p.m., all the way into the morning.”

Some neighbors expressed concern over the justice system, saying they want swift action and a full investigation into what is going on in their neighborhood.

“I want them gone. I want it cleaned up,” a neighbor added.

“We just hope that our justice system doesn’t fail us. What’s wrong is wrong, and what’s right is right,” another neighbor said. “They cannot come back to this environment because it’s just a vicious cycle. I hope that the neighbors get the help they need [and] I hope the child gets the help she needs.”

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